Let’s do for learners what Apple does for music lovers, what Amazon does for consumers, and what Google does by organizing the information we want when we want it.

MCLCustomized learning is a viable option for transforming the current Industrial Age, assembly line delivery system to a system that empowers learners and takes full advantage of available technologies. The Industrial Age system provided a mechanism for batch processing students based on age – it is a time and space based method of mass production.

An empowerment learning model allows us to mass customize learning to meet individual learning needs based on what we know about student motivation and learning.

National Alliance members are invested in this new and exciting vision for education using today’s powerful technologies to meet the personal learning needs of every learner every hour of every day.  The reality in today’s Information Age, is that it is now possible for anyone to learn anything from anywhere at any time in any way from worldwide experts.

Yet, the reality for most public school learners today is, as it has always been, a specific student can learn specific subjects in a specific classroom on a specific schedule in a specific way from a specific teacher. 

What a stark contrast between the Industrial Age assembly line and today’s Information Age customizing technology.  Mass Customized learning presents a desirable and doable vision that allows learning systems to leave the Industrial Age, time-based approach to instruction and replace it with an Information Age, learning-based system that:Meets every learner at his/her learning level,

  • Provides learning opportunities that sync with the learner’s most effective learning styles, and
  • Allows the learner to study and learn skills and concepts using content that is relevant and interesting.

Contact an Alliance member to lead you through the entire process or specific aspects of Mass Customized Learning implementation. Find the MCL Alliance member in your geographic region here.